About Ladue Painting

Ladue Painting is a full service painting company serving the St Louis metro area. We employ the principles of historic preservation, while adhering to Federal guidelines for lead stabilization of properties built 1978 and prior. This includes safe removal of chips, and dust created in the preparation and cleaning of painted surfaces. Our services include interior/exterior repainting, stone cleaning, power-washing, commercial painting and historic preservation of homes and buildings, regardless of how old or new they might be.

Raised and educated in Ladue Schools, we grew to love the older homes and learned to appreciate Saint Louis' architectural details. It was this interest and passion that lead to the educational and trade pursuits that are the foundation of knowledge and experience at Ladue Painting.

In the 1980's we began by rehabbing historic properties for Stan Henderson Sr. The first major project done over the course of two years was the rehabilitation of an 1881 house on Ann Avenue off of Jefferson. Stan Henderson and his father Loy bought the properties, and guided us through the aspects of restoring an 1881 home from the demolition of the existing plaster walls, rebuilding of the limestone walls inside the cellar to the wood preparation, and painting on the existing exterior and newly restored interior.

Whether it is a single room in your new home, a repaint of post 1978 home, or a pre-1978 home with lead paint, Ladue Painting has the skill and craftsmanship to serve your painting and decorating needs.