Fireplace Restoration

This is a fireplace restoration at The Marquette at Conway Meadows. Thirty years of wear and tear required many hours of preparation before the finish coats could be applied.

At Ladue Painting, we sand down the entire mantel and fill all imperfections we can find. Sand off any fill material. Look for holes or imperfectons again, filling and sanding again. We then caulk the joints before applying a primer by spray. The primer is given a sand, followed by two coats of an enamal cabinet coat applied by a Graco Pro Shot Fine Finish.

Before Image: 

Fireplace - Prepwork on Chesterfield, Missouri Fireplace.  Sanding of entire surface, filling of imperfections, resand.

After Image: 

Fireplace - This is after two sprayed coats using a Graco-Pro Shot Fine Finish